Sunday, January 31, 2010

UK link: Alternative approaches to capacity building - emerging practices abroad

This study was undertaken to identify alternative approaches to third sector capacity building in countries outside of the UK. Principally desk-based, it draws on the insight and recommendations of the research team’s contacts which span Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and the International Development context.

Click here to download 'Alternative approaches to capacity building - emerging practices abroad' report.

Source: Improving Support, Capacitybuilders

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two interesting articles

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The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle - Stanford Social Innovation Review
"A vicious cycle is leaving nonprofi ts so hungry for decent infrastructure that they can barely function as organizations—let alone serve their benefi ciaries. The cycle starts with funders’ unrealistic expectations about how much running a nonprofi t costs, and results in nonprofi ts’ misrepresenting their costs while skimping on vital systems—acts that feed funders’ skewed beliefs. To break the nonprofit starvation cycle, funders must take the lead."

What should I know before joining the board? - BoardSource

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